See you!

My dear girlie Reshmi,

There are a lot of things. Using your very own newly acquired vocabulary; there are “n number” of thoughts cruising through your mind this very moment. In a split second, you are unable to judge the nature of your thoughts – happiness, sadness, concern, apprehension…

As a kid, you talked faster and earlier than the rest of your age. You walked and ran before your contemporaries. You recited your rhymes with zest and vigour. You had the privilege to be in nature’s lap. You had your friends and relatives forever around you, showering their love and affection. You excelled in studies. You developed yourself to be an outgoing girl. You headed small student groups. You wrote little poems. You set goals for yourself. You learnt your lessons. You took your tests. You reached gates of your ambition and strived to be the coveted ones who crossed the gates.

Lotsa people, lotsa moments.
Your schoolmates for first recognisng the leader and teacher in you.
Your school teachers for still seeing that old kid in you.
RSK, Thoyakat, Soorya & lotsa others – for being the people whom you picked and who picked you in return in different walks of life.
Your very own stupid problem causing dialogues.
Your absurd outbursts.
Your crazy ideas.
Your fights with Amma.
Your debates with Achan.
Your friends and relatives – who were there for you.
Your job, your mentors at work and your ever-jovial colleagues.
Ensemble, blogspot and blogger pals and friends – who made you feel that you write some stuff.

You are remembering every moment, every source these came through, the linking incidents and experiences, everyone part of these moments, people who are still with you and people who are part of the vastness around you, and you have tears brimming your eyes and a smile on your lips – the moments are the essence of the word “bittersweet”.

You were that little traveler with a small boat. You were at the shore when you received a loving push into the waters. You saw familiar faces push the boat through those initial tides. And then you were on your own. Small leaps, small goals, small destinations. But you were always in sight of the shore. Slowly you set sight on the horizon. You saw infinite promise in the golden skies that stretched to the final limits. You had and still have the strength and youthful vigour to row and reach it. The horizon beckons, but still you don’t want to lose the comfort and safety of the shore.

This is a new journey. Not leaving the past behind, you attempt to join present and future. You don’t have words to describe. Thanks girlie, for being here to share the world, and for being “you” every moment!

“Trying to be mature” Reshmi
Dear All,

This is not adieu to blogging! This is just a new beginning to a new phase in life. I’m getting married this Saturday.

Expecting your prayers and blessings,