How weird am I?

Hi!! I'm back on the blog world after a long time and promising to myself to be more regular. Thanks Srijith for the tag. This tag just made me think and think, my biggest doubt was - "What I find weird in myself, will others also find the same things weird?" So here are 6 weird points about me:))

1. I'm an emotional reader and viewer.
Sentimental movie dialogues, patriotic lines, passionate words in books/blogs and all can bring tears to my eyes. Mostly I feel the passion and pain in written words and visuals, and my eyes fill up.

Over my life on earth, I have tried my best to block these tears in public and have succeeded also. But they gush out when I'm alone.

2. People who irritate me to the core initially end up as my best friends.
This has happened to me a lot of times. There is this friend of mine, an amazingly thoughtful person and one of my bestest chums, who did initially irritate me with her ability to be the last to any place/office/meeting, the most unpunctual of people, who never keeps time:) But then it took me only little time to overlook small things and befriend this wonderful person.

There have been people at work and college who have made me think initially "How am I going to adjust with these people?" AND "They'll go their way and I'll go mine" but at last have ended as my good pals and soul mates.

3. I hate paneer and I'm not fond of pizza.
The snack of the generation PIZZA - I don't approve it much. Also I hate paneer and cannot bear even the sight of Aloo Paneer, Paneer Butter Masala and all Paneer stuff.

4. I love to sing aloud against the sound of the moving train.
This is probably something I used to do a lot in my younger age. Achan, Amma and I used to travel to our native place Kayamkulam once every month for my second Saturday holiday. I would smartly get my window seat and sit clutching the windows bars and keeping my head on the window sill. Amma would be telling me to move away giving vivid descriptions of people who would have spit through the window. Slowly the train gathers momentum and I look out thru the windows and sing aloud against the sound of the moving train.

Gone are those frequent trips and little Reshmi is no longer little! Probably that element of "What'll other people think?" that grows into you with age is the culprit behind me not showing this weird behaviour off late.

5. I have a bold and daring imagination.
I'm not a very courageous person in real life. But in the reel life of imagination, I love to visualize scene by scene as to how I will fight intruders, how I'll expose corrupt politicians and unscrupulous elements and how I'll revolt to some unagreeable company policies and back stabbing colleagues. But come the situation in real life, Reshmi will be the meekest person you have seen and who'll handle the situation without damage to leaf and the pin:))

6. I cannot help blurting out unpleasant truths, especially to people close to me.
I'm an arrogant girl in this respect. If I notice anything that I feel is not proper in the behaviour of any of my closest kin, I cannot help telling it out on their face in the most impatient and rude of manners.

Nithin, Abhi, Soorya, Maddy - I'm curious to know how weird you guyz are! Enlighten me with the facts..:))


Anonymous 5:20 am  

ha.. i am the first one to comment on this post :).. first of all great to have you back on on your blog... mine is in a neglected state, even without a marriage ;)..

Btw good that you didn't pass me the tag one of your earlier one is still pending :))

Achan 5:55 pm  

Great to see u back my dear!

Anonymous 10:59 am  

That was a great post.. really set yout to think..! :)
So you are emotional and touchy good..! Such people are naturally good audience..

The second one is truly interesting and weird..

Hey... me too not a big fan of pizza..
Singing against the sound of train.. Now that I think is something little srijith and little reshmi had in common :)

Bold and daring imagination eh..?! ;) C`mon pull up your sleeves and bash up those viilains.. ok now wake up from your dream..! :)

Nice post truly enjoyed reading it..

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

addict 12:07 pm  

Hi there,
decent self-explanation!
cool blog to be honest...
keep working...


soorya 8:59 am  

Hey Reshmi,

I know about point no. 3 and point no. 6. Remembered a few of the IMS "man with the moustache" episodes ;-)

It was interesting reading thru.
And I have completed this tag.., but the other one is still pending :-(

And most importantly, it was fun going through the blog.. and welcome back to blogdom.


addict 6:36 pm  

hi there,
nice way to put down ur weirdness. But I didnt find any of those 6 points to be weird!!! but ofourse, there is this quote that one of my friends mentions every now and then - "opinions are like assholes, everyone has one"
(sorry for the dirty words, if any used) ;)


pophabhi 1:49 pm  

Nice one! That blurting out frankly at the face of close ppl is a disability I too have. Need to m-seal it. :)

You too tagged me Brutus! hehe!

Anonymous 4:12 pm  

ufff.. you can openly see point 5 and 6 on her :) .

and she is really couregeous . i Would advise her to leave sofware and join politics

Maddy 11:47 pm  

my reply to your tag is still a work in progress, introspection is not always easy!!!