Home is where the heart is…

From the time I joined Mar Athanasius College of Engg for my B Tech, life has always been away from home and more so from the time I left for job. I have longed for home, the food, the plush sofas, the curtains, the sunlight that fell in thru the windows, the cots, the bathrooms, the smell, the greenery that greeted me thru the windows. I found it difficult to accept hostels and PGs, in spite of all the fun they gave, it was never home! Home is that cosy comfort that you feel, that sense of belonging, it’s about growing and associating your memories to a structure in brick, wood and mortar, it’s about the bond you build with a physical structure, the pains with which you clean, decorate and renovate it from time to time.

For many of us in our journey of life, home is a milestone, a landmark which all of us dream of. It is our resort after work, a calm place, a place where we want divinity and grace to be filled. It is a dream to build a house and make it a cosy home for your kids to play and grow.

I have my own home dreams...dreams of dusting my furniture… Of the containers arranged on the kitchen racks… Of the wonderful dishes kept in covered vessels… Of the book shelf, lined with the books and magazines…The framed Wedding and Reception snap capturing our best moments… Birthday cards from Punnan... The painting of the lovely Krishna, with a flute lost away in thought... The smooth and lacy curtains... The beds with soft designed bed sheets…The sunlight that streams in thru the French windows…The curtains dancing in the breeze and images cast by sunlight…

Thus, as Man and Wife, we had begun our search for home. In the vast and ever-expanding Bangalore, we had our heartbreaks seeing the prices, the Marketing guys frustrated us, we strained ourselves to find hidden costs and motives, and we swore to ourselves that we’ll never ever look for a home in Bangalore. To hide our home searching disasters, we blabbered about what a worse city Bangalore is, searched for alternate options in Kochi. After walking thru construction sites on weekends, tired and desperate, many a times we broke down emotionally. We calculated our funds again and again. We reasoned and argued. We prayed…

And finally we saw a house that would soon be ours. We saw hope, that carried us thru Bank Loan deliberations and Registration. And finally brought us to the d-day wherein we appeased the Gods and moved in to our new home, happy and contented. It was after all just a 6 month of search and wait for us, we thanked God for making it happen so soon and for having our parents around who helped and supported us.

We are in our new house, and on a new voyage of associating memories to this man-made structure. It is so much a part of our dreams and in future would very much be part of our memories. God bless!


Srijith Unni 9:13 am  

Wish you all the very best, in your new home..!

Maddy 9:01 pm  

Hey, great - but am confused, so u found your abode in Kochi or Bangalore? Yup I can imagine how you feel. All the best to both of you. Even though we ourselves own a house, we have never lived in our own house, in all these years. So,lucky you having one so soon in life!!Believe me, it was a very short and rapid search and find.

kavitha 11:10 am  

Congrats both of you..Is is Bangalore or Kochi? and I guess, next step is to bring a special guest to the new home, ;)

Reshmi 2:33 pm  

Thanks all:)
Well, the new home is in Bangalore..:D

diyadear 1:22 am  

hey reshmi,
congrats.. thats a wonderful news.. house warming okke kazhinjo?? have a gr8 life!!

naan 6:39 pm  

After a while.. I am back :D

Rajeev 2:24 pm  

nice blog u've got here reshmi! :)
Congrats btw! :)

peace & love

chronicwriter 2:03 pm  

hey . please deactivate this word verification thingie.. visit my blog sometime..

pophabhi 9:28 am  

The title says it all, Reshmi. Really...the home shud be where our heart is. Its a great news, and congrats to you both. Know how energy sapping is that process of house search!