Fair and Unfair

Patty, you have touched me...In a soft spot which I didn't quite realise existed...

For a moment I felt fortunate...Even when I felt unsure, my career was safe and stable...At every level, I have yearned for more...I have wanted to grow...I have grown frustrated at time...Wanted stuff to work out faster...Wanted all the good things to blossom together in my career...But all that while, my career was safe...It was progressing smoothly...I was growing faster than peers...

On the personal front, I am settled...I have a home, kid, all comforts and above all a loving husband and family...I have my flexibility at work...I am sure of myself...I drive around and find my own way...I treasure my independence and self reliance, together with it I treasure the feeling of being a precious possession for my people...

I cannot imagine losing the job and being thrown out to the recession hit IT world...Have been settled for a long time, so can't quite imagine the woes of mind a person unsettled in work and home fronts might encounter...I smile when I am happy, and I am happy most of the time coz I have all fair reasons on my side...So can't quite imagine how difficult it is to smile with all concerns and apprehensions within...

And I ponder how magical the equation of fair and unfair is....


Maddy 9:07 pm  

hey! life is a long stretch and there is plenty of distance left, I guess. The recession has been a sudden drag to a lot of people who had just found material happiness. but they will learn soon that more than material stability, mental stability & confidence is what is actually needed.

Bijoy 8:50 pm  

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