Definitely Thripunithura..

I have always seen mixed reactions in people when I say “I’m from Kerala”…Often followed by the question “Where in Kerala?”…N amazed at the shades on the opposite person’s face when I say “Kochi, specifically Thripunithura”…Somehow feel people who applaud Kerala as the “God’s own country” (though I have personally met some “Devil’s own people” there) have no clue about my place Thripunithura…So here’s my story from the Thripunithura angle…

Now my place, Thripunithura gets its name from Lord Poornathrayeesha (Lord Krishna - called Santhana Gopala Krishnan). Its like "Thiru" means "Sire", "Most Respected", "Puni" for the "Lord" and "Thura" means "Abode"(this is my understanding of the place name - not entirely sure if it is correct). The erstwhile capital of kings who ruled Kochi, its known for its forts, palaces, for people with interest arts and music, the Vembanad lake (backwaters)...I don't know what is in that place that soothes my senses...I have seen a lot of madly competitive world where people run after their goals...I feel I'm in such kind of a race at time at work, where I don't know my destinations, I forget the "me" inside, I compromise on my true tastes, I feel my vision and dreams would never reach its final outcome...I'm like a guided sheep...

The real "Reshmi" comes out when I'm in Thripunithura...I mean somehow that place with its scenic beauty and people so beautiful at heart, has always given my thoughts a free has enriched my soul...I have grown up listening to stories from the epics, to Geetha slokas, to the faith that Guruvayoorappan will solve all your worries, Lord Hanuman wakes you up when you get scary dreams in your sleep...the elders I grew up among have helped me gain an insight into our scriptures, taught me to see Hinduism as a way of life rather than a religion, understand meditation and levels of human mind, captured the essence of the endless traversals of the soul, and above everything made me a passionate the core of my heart, I feel my greatest wish is to be a true Thripunithura girl...who takes oil baths, reaches the level of mental elevation and peace when she prays, smells of incense ( I know its fancy), prays by the lamp every evening, serves food for elders before eating herself, be light of my home as my name signifies…its all from Thripunithura...still it brings out the freshness of my soul out to my face, fills my mind with the music of veena strings, and makes me hear a chorus of Carnatic music reverberating from the distance...the sun is there and so is the horizon, the snake deities and the elephants, the coconut trees and vishu konna ( a wild flower, yellow in colour and with inflorescence)...its all pure passion, sometimes total unreasonable insanity, I don't know the feeling I have for my place...

I have always felt that Pondy Bazar, especially near the flower market, captures the essence of Tamil Nadu…the heart of Hyderabad is in the streets near the Charminar…For me the whole fulfillment of a “Mallu” life and culture is in the road that leads to the Poornathrayeesha temple…I want Thripunithura to be the destination of my journey too…no other place gives me that comfort and homeliness…

The simple prompt to write a small article has actually made me think back to some wonderful people, many of whom have passed away, to some wonderful sights, a rainbow coloured childhood, some memories which have left a lasting imprint in the camera of my mind, some memories which are only mine (:-)), most importantly it has helped me pay a silent tribute to some wonderful people in my life and thank God for arranging a wonderful canvas like Thripunithura to paint my life on… And this retrospection has had a positive/rejuvenating effect on me…


pophabhi 1:23 pm  

Just happened to pass by. Thripunithara might be one of the finger-countable places remaining in Cochin which keeps the heritage and culture, that we all keep close to our heart. Very well written - the true value of the place emanates only when we leave it. We leave a part of our self there.

Reshmi 3:01 pm  

@pophabhi: this was one post where i desperately wanted to hear comments..n though lil late i have a very fine one here..thanx..:)

a part of myself is still in Thripunithura..i should atleast give tht much back to the place that made me "Reshmi"..:)

pophabhi 5:28 pm  
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Anonymous 4:27 pm  

Nice writing. Please contribute to the wikipedia.. and link about Tripunithura