A lot of things…

In the span of time when I didn’t blog and finally broke out with a tag, I remember asking to myself, “Why suddenly this Blogger’s block? Is it because of dearth of topics? Hasn’t the world moved in that time span? Haven’t a lot of things happened? The things said, done and witnessed, haven’t they left a scar in my mind?”

Well lot of things to think about, the Mumbai blasts, the ever-happening Bangalore city, about a little boy captured in a bore well and lots more.

Mumbai has seen different phases of destruction, most lately the blasts. As we all huddled in front of the TV, witnessing the NDTV coverage, I could sense the helplessness I felt in my own mind. There were friends of mine, who were so depressed with the Government’s passiveness, who felt like I myself feel that it is high time India take the bold step against Pakistan funded terrorism. We have preached peace to the world, but aren’t we showing heights of submissiveness here?

The editorials of Hindu sing about a nuclear treaty signed with US, which contains clauses that expose the security and secrecy of our very own defense policy. Pakistan has funded cross border terrorism for such a long time, but is it that every time in spite of being ditched time and again, we are willing to take initiatives for talks? Why is it that India's very own land illegally subjugated by Pakistan, “the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir” is an area never covered in any of the discussions?

I remember the pride I felt when Thomas Friedman mentioned Bangalore in his much acclaimed book “The World is Flat”. I’m definitely the part of this bright tomorrow that Bangalore offers. But a couple of assaults about which I have heard just make me wonder what really “bangalored” means. Most recently, my fellow project team member told me about one of his friends, who came to Bangalore in an early morning bus and was kidnapped. The guy was badly beaten up, fingers cut, robbed off this ATM and credit cards as well as the pin numbers. And most shockingly, it was not just one victim. There were 2 girls, with Wipro tags, gagged and tied in the same vehicle. And the vehicle took off with them, after dumping the looted guy on the road. For a few pennies, can we do this to another human being? "Human nature" surprises me!

In the same Bangalore, I frequently travelled late nights in a tough phase of my project. I befriended cab drivers, simple and concerned men who would drop me outside the apartment and wait till I climb the stairs, enter inside my flat after an incessant flow of calling bell rings, and give him a call and tell I'm in and fine. There were old gentlemen among these cab drivers who asked us to be careful while venturing out with laptops. People who always were Guardian Angels in our late night trips. And that too in the same city. "Human nature" surprises me!!

On my last trip home, I took an auto to the railway station. I knew that the auto drivers would greet me asking for "shocking and outrageous" fares. But I was surprised when one person just hinted me in the auto after I had chorused "Bangalore City Railway Station" to at least 10 people. The old driver promptly started his meter and started the trek. A happy me, relieved myself with some cracker sneezes. I was having a bad cold, you see :). The honest man drops me at the railway station, takes the meter fare and also offers me a cold tablet in goodwill and imparts a few words "really effective, no side effects". "Human nature" surprises me!!!

A nation’s eyes focused onto a tiny bore well in Kurukshetra when little Prince got trapped in. A whole country closed its eyes in prayers. A whole country’s focus brought diligence to rescue operations, romped in politicians who took center stage and drove the rescue mission, and most importantly unified this country to one God, in a partial realization, from whom we sought courage and blessing thru our own cultural and religious channels. Aren’t there thousands of issues enveloping this country, from child labour to social stigma, from infanticide to unemployment? Why isn’t the media able to bring the hype it brought to Prince’s case in all these?

Calamities have united us to God for split seconds. But haven't we brought disgrace to His name with Babri Masjid and Gujarat riots? Haven't we failed to understand that even with differences in our cultural practices, we have all tried to attain one and the same God?

Just some thoughts that played several rounds in the arena of my mind...


V N 6:37 pm  


my first time here. was reading around the last few minutes, and i shud say that i had a nice time. i happen to share a fascination for Sushmita along with u. i remember being often viciously attacked by ash-admirers, by the dozen, lol.

shall be back for more.
take care.

maddy 8:46 pm  

You seem a little down??

Sometimes when you try checking certain issues deeper than reading newspapers, you will find that that is a lot more than meets the eye, especially behind the 'spin'. There is much of negotiation behind the scenes, but in the meantime the press are allowed to take a wrong route while the 'deciders' sit and chuckle. This includes India - Pakistan..

What worries me more is the thought of many a misguided youth, those taking the militant path...See 'daiva namathil', it is an eye opener, if u didnt know already.

Humans are the strangest of beings actually, they can be so different, and unpredictable...You will see plenty more of those surprises in your life, when you least expect it, take my word.

Look, the media is becoming ever important these days and like in Prince's case it came as a boon..If it was not for the media, it would not have taken centre stage!!! But when misused...I shudder thinking of some of those instances when the media stood still...and even now in some places when they do just that, turn a blind eye...Clever manipulation of media is what happens these days. Dan Rathers of CBS, know him??

Religion, well more my take on it another day..

my comment is already too lengthy...Sorry if I sounded avancular or patronising..didnt mean to...

The picture you used - the two hands, I have seen it, but just cant figure out where???

Go on, keep at it!

iamyuva 10:18 pm  

Human nature" surprises me too.. although 90% population is good we look everyone as thief,rapist,criminals. although you had good experience with autowallas every time you get-in you might think they will cheat/trouble you..

you mentioned others issues not hyped-up: reasons is we have developed tolerance and practice those ex: child-labour - you might know many working couple(included media people)in bangalore employees child labour to baby-sit bez there are cheaper,..

media will not report 6bn people live today instead they will report 3killed & 2raped, and you know what - we will pay them to watch this. "Human nature surprises me"..

Keshi 7:33 am  

**Haven't we failed to understand that even with differences in our cultural practices, we have all tried to attain one and the same God?

U have a good point there but just how many of us truly understand that? Unfortunately not many. Some humans just shock me with their animalistic nature.


Dew Drops 1:42 pm  

may b calamities hav united us to god for a split sec. but it still is the name by which v address god that leads to most of the calamities. that is the saddest part..

kd 9:36 am  

Maybe there are some good things happening in this world.. but it still is not worth living in..or procreating in. Atleast this country is'nt

Reshmi 11:55 am  

Velu: I hav remained faithful to Sush in spite of attacks from Ash admirers..!!

Welcome to my blog and thanx for the appreciation :)

Maddy: Written in some moment when I felt a bit down. The pic is from the www. Really enjoyed reading the point by point reasoning in ur comment.

Yuva: Human nature is "strangeness" embodied..! Thanx for the comment.

Keshi: Some humans shock me too and make me wonder what's humane in them. Thanx for the point you have put in.

Dewdy: Very well put in dear. Thatz a point that needs an "Encore". Perfectly agree to you.

Nithin: World/India not worth living in? That was not my point.

In spite of some bitter experiences and lots of resentment to a lot of happenings, I still feel that India is not a doomed place. There is certainly a lot of ideas/potential hidden in all of us which can go a long way in making life a lil better. Prob a lot of us are not willing to let out a lot of it, including Me.

Aren’t hope and faith two great things which we all fall back on? Don't we impart a lot to our kids thinking that they don't spoil this world or they carry forward the purity of thought and action, they live a good life and do their bit to the world and its people?

kd 8:29 pm  

haha... I love your optimism.. I still think this is a doomed nation. A failed state which thinks too highly of itself. The reason I cant stand this nation, because I want to change so many things for the better instead of thinking evrything is fine..and I can't..

When I am "rich" enough to change things I will anyway try make atleast something better..

And about the TAG.. I dont generally like being tagged.. But this one was liked. but ya I was pissed at the world (like always) so...

neermathalam 5:43 pm  

I am grieved but not hopeless
I am goofed but not useless
I am doomed but not collapsed
But this pain is eating me up

I dont have any complaints
I dont have any allegations
I dont have any grudges But
then am I opinionated enough ?

All are as sinned as I am,But
then I am made to make a change
Now and then, my mission prevents
me from ending this gift of God...

True Reshmi..only a hope that I can also be a catalyst..at somepoint of time..makes me live..

starry nights 1:55 am  

Interesting post.I was also shocked about Bangalore. the town I grew up in but then these things happen along with all the bad there is some good people who make this world a better place to live in.we have to try and look at the bright side of life.

Reshmi 10:32 am  

Nithin: You can't change things for the better or you don't give it a try?

My personal feeling is that people who have a vision and abiding confidence to stand by their vision change the world. What can "riches" do for you?

And as I hav maintained, you are one of my bestest pals and I'll continue to tag you:)

Neermathalam: Wonderful, true and inspiring lines. Lot of wonderful visions and hopes taking me also ahead. Thanx a lot for those lines:)

Starry: Bangalore is in thru a difficult phase. A city that has witnessed globalization all too suddenly and just failed to grow to the limit IT has grown here. Prob the economic disparity that is fast surfacing is the root of most of the attacks.

For what Bangalore has given to our country, it certainly deserves a Pat On Back. And as I always beleive, things will be better. My hope and faith is that all humans are basically good at heart.

AJITH 8:02 pm  

Have been hearing much about the lawlessness thats taking place at b'lore..Neverthless, I've always felt an attraction towards that city becoz of its proximity to my home town..

Keshi 8:20 am  

and no updates? :)


pophabhi 10:18 am  
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pophabhi 10:19 am  

Its definitely difficult to see things as wholesome and in the so-called 'wider perspective'. You are doing just that. Great post.

Reshmi 1:58 pm  

Ajith: I feel that is the only attraction the city has!

Keshi: Not getting topics to blog about;-)

Abhi: Thanx;-)

addict 12:39 pm  

i believe reshmi has got good ppl insights cause i am a kannadiga and have stayed in bangalore for almost 2 yrs or so. and even i have seen the way bangalore has changed, but one thing, however it may have changed, it will end up being the best when compared to other cities, and this is the only optmistic feeling i am left with now... ;)