My first TAG!

Took this tag from an open invite at Srijith's site coz I have been passing my days with a fear in mind - that of an untimely blog death.

Most Desired Celebrity

I have been a witness to that proud moment when this remarkable woman catapulted India into limelight in the world beauty scene. She has been unique, unique in every gesture, in every word said and in everything done. Sushmita Sen is definitely the beauty with brains.

Want to visit this place

The Gift of the Nile has always enchanted me. A desert saved by a river has somehow always symbolized hope in my mind. A seat of ancient civilization and the land of pyramids, when'll I get a chance to touch thy sands?

Want to do this someday

A walk thru a dense canopy of trees, shrubs and grass in a forest, with my backpack of dresses and food, a notepad and pen, a camera and my thoughts. Spare some quiet moments to contemplate on creation, evolution, God, faith, people and the world. And gaze with awe at the wonderful sights that nature has arranged.

Random Favourite

From an old Reader’s Digest article that I read sometime in my school days, I learnt about this remarkable woman Waris Dirie, who rose from a nomadic life to being a super model adorning the covers of Vogue. She showed me the incredible strength personified as a woman, determination and perseverance in attaining dreams, and most importantly about giving back to the society and having a will to rally behind a cause that you are passionate about.

Tag Origin

Soorya, Nithin, Lochan, Shilpa - You guyz are tagged:)And also anyone else interested, feel free to give this tag a try.


Dew Drops 3:45 pm  

sushmitha sen is the epitome of female beauty & brains.. very well done tag, reshmi.

Srijith Unni 7:00 pm  

A great job..! Reshmi..
I`m so happy, you took up the tag yourself.. :). Thanks a lot..!

Sushmitha Sen.. is an all-time favourite for me too.. Real graceful.. and acting wise.. I would say.. Chingari was a classic.

Egypt, Nile, Pyramids, mummies.. who wouldn`t want to visit..

so you want to walk through a dense forest.. well!, that`s something I also want to do badly.. Alas, I wish forests are not depleted.

Nice to know about Waris Dirie. I shall add that article to my favourites.. shall give it a read later.. right now a bit busy.

Actually, I too am suffering from what i think is a Blogger`s block.. nothing much in my head.. What to do..?

A Beautiful post, reshmi.. really enjoyed it..

See you later, Bye.

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

maddy 8:13 pm  

nice one..
Sush - like her more than ash & the others.
Egypt - ever read the river god by wilbur smith? we hd been on a weeks cruise down the nile some yrs back, is fascinating..
forests - well, is nice,I agree
and no I dont know Waris - but I will find out..

but it is interesting - this tagging approach..

Reshmi 9:35 am  

@dewdy: for Sush, a "WOW" from both of us..;-)

@srijith: heyy..i shud thank u for the open invite to take the tag..:)..n the comments inline, really enjoyed reading those..
lets wait till the Blogger's block is over and both of us can come up with something creative..:)

@maddy: heyy, why don't u take up the tag sir??..n as usual enjoyed reading ur comment..:)

maddy 5:18 pm  

ok reshmi, will do, in a day or two...

starry nights 1:04 am  

Great job. I like to go see the Nile also an dlike Ashwirya rai.

Reshmi 10:22 am  

@maddy: Thanx sir..:)

Starry: Thanx dear..I'm not that fond of Aish Rai..;-)..Sush Sen is my all time favourite..

Keshi 12:19 pm  

Nice tag :) I like Sen too...very pretty and smart babe.


pophabhi 2:09 pm  

Nile was interesting. Forest is a wonderful plan...It would be great to be alone there with just thoughts for company, till wild animals spring at you :). Waris was a new info, and it was great reading about it.

Reshmi 11:36 am  

@keshi: Wotta babe Sen is!!;-)

@abhi: :)..Imaginations always overlook risks right??

naan 5:43 pm  

Oops.. I haven't been in the blogosphere for long.. work is literally tearing me apart..

ok will take up your tag..

Mental Health 9:47 am  

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