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Hmm…I’m thinking back…to some wonderful 70-80-ies stories narrated by Achan…true life incidents, the resemblances to characters living is purely not fiction, but reality…Achan has this hobby of making us (I n sis Punnan) understand life thru his life…thru the vivacious little stories in which he sums up his adventures, the tests he faced in life, his trysts with destiny…lil stories that he tells with the expectation that his kids who have lived in their cozy space in the world, well-provided and well-nurtured, understand the bigger world, appreciate all that we have got for ourselves, visualize hard realities n tough times he has come across, n use it as a treasure trove of knowledge for building our future…

After starting his life as an accountant in a small sugar mill in the border of Maharashtra and Andhra, it was all a big phase of learning things the hard for everyone starting a career, there was a phase where he had to prove his worth to his employers, a phase where he struggled to fulfill his own aspirations for higher education, living his life under the watchful eyes of a strict maternal uncle (this uncle Meeshayammavan as I used to call him, was one of the most lovable people in my life), going back home for important family matters as his parents only-son and one and only brother for his sisters, marrying my Amma and building our home, life and future…

From him I heard about, walking all the way to school, with the paisa given by my grand dad as bus fare safe in his pocket, to buy a Hindu paper to put a foundation of English language...

From him I heard about, how due to a border/ownership dispute, some group burnt the erstwhile Somayya Sugar Mills where he was working as an accountant…the days when they waited for aid to reach the border where they were stuck…they displayed heroism protecting and taking care of the women and children in the group…

From him I heard about, perseverance to prepare for CA, by own means and earning for it…being a working student…putting in days and efforts…and rushing home getting the news of his grand mother’s illness leaving the much dreamt about CA exams…n never getting a chance to complete that coveted degree thereafter…

From him I heard about, discovering by accident, being blind in one eye from birth…n colour blind the whole life...

From him I heard about, clearing an Air India Examination with an overall 2nd position…going to the interview room with lot of expectations, well prepared, well dressed, exuding confidence…only to be told – “Mr.Pillai…We understand you have performed excellently…But what can you give us if we give you this job?”

From him I heard about, work stories from National Film Archives…Achan’s proudly declared “Film Institute dayz”…Mukesh Khanna (our Shaktiman), Salil Choudhary and numerous people he still admires…so much so that on his insistence his nephew, my cousin brother is named Salil after that legendary music director…

From him I heard about, Madras dayz after marriage, a small house in the corner of the street, heat, work, happiness, commitment and the joy of having rice and fish cooked by my Amma under the stars in the open sit out...

From him I heard about, having a vision and courage to follow the vision of building a house on loan, in the beginning of his marital life…I remember him sitting with that huge ledger-like book calculating and tackling monetary issues...

From him I heard about, a hard-earned M-Com, lot of credit to Amma who extended her full support writing notes for him, managing a small “me” beside…

From him I heard about, learnt, realized, admired, understood lots of things in life...So much, I don't think I can sum it up in this blog...a small attempt to summarize some wonderfully inspiring things I have heard from Achan...he starts talking and by the time he completes, at least 2 cigarettes would be completely burnt out...but the passion with which he speaks always remains the same...

I don't want this post to go as a belated Father's day tribute...well let it be a lifetime tribute...n I want to keep on adding to that wonderful list, all points given by Achan in my life, on and on, in the days to come…


Dew Drops 6:34 pm  

that was a good tribute, dear. btw, this new template is good.

starry nights 7:03 am  

Beautiful post. thank you for visiting my blog and do come again.

Reshmi 5:31 pm  

@dewdy: thnx dear..

@starry: thanx..sure..

Srijith Unni 10:53 am  

Hi Reshmi..

Thanks for dropping by my blog..
Now this post of yours is really amazing. The way you put it, about the way you have learnt things from your father`s experiences. It`s all story like and so inspiring.
I hope you wouldn`t mind, if I blogrolled you.. ?

With Best Regards,

Jolly 12:27 pm  

U have got great writing skills. Amazing is this little article.

Reshmi 1:52 pm  

@srijith: thanx to u too..:)..u can definitely add me to ur blogroll..

@jolly: thtz one of the bestest comments i have ever got..thnx..:)

pophabhi 10:34 am  

Memories....The changing times...How its all missed!

Great read!

monu 6:31 pm  

inspiring life story :)

maddy 7:29 pm  

hey, that is pretty interesting, another Salil fan, great, I am one as well..

was nice looking through your pennings or keyings....

Reshmi 9:43 am  

@abhi: "some priceless memories", i would say..:)

@monu: jus a small attempt on my part to put in 'few among many' moments I found inspiring in Achan's life..actually there r lots more..

@maddy: Achan is a great fan..Of Salilji, Salil-Manna Dey combi..:)welcome to my blog n keep visiting..:)

soorya 8:56 am  

That was a very inspiring article and amazing tribute.. Now I understand what all has gone into the making of an independent yet sturdy, strong-minded and matured girl that you are.. I dont know when I have come across something that moved me more than this one did.. It was simply beautiful.

Reshmi 2:22 pm  

@soorya: well Achan has a lot of part in all that you see as me and in me..he has imparted me his passion also as inheritance..;-)