Raring to go...

Amma always recounts this story of how she came to Udayamperoor (a sleepy village at the border of Kochi, nearest town being Thripunithura about 4-5 kms) and settled there…the sole reason being her cousin sister being settled there, a bright prospect of helping her take care of her 8-month old kid (me…:)) n “her people around” feeling, n also Achan’s adamancy to stay away from city traffic and turbulences…partly attributed also to their confidant shifting of their work places to Kochi, you can say the desire to be in Kerala or the desire to be close to their parents needs cum work needs…

So in between day cares, studies and frequent monthly visits to Kayamkulam, my native place, I spend most of my time in Udayamperoor…my second cousins and their first cousins, both sects in their college-age then, find me a wonderful prospect for their time pass…n as a baby I get all the adoration, attention and care I would have ever dreamed of…definitely more than I can ever dream of also…company comes as second cousin’s son…even though attentions shift, I should say I was mighty pleased…studies and friends in Ernakulam Town and Kothamangalam, but finally coming back to my nest in Udayamperoor…time has just flown by…

The kids brigade there started with me…N after I became the working gal, there is an army back home from 8 months to 10th standard…in all range of age and activities…I never thought I would have a life separate from Kunju, Chithu, Pachu, Cheekutty, Hari, Vysakh, Kukku, Ruku, Achu, Revu – the lil devils out there, my sis Punnan also included…but that is where my job has landed me, far from my niche and in the madding crowd…

The wonderful away-from-the-city village setting they get to spend their childhood, the vast expanse of “parambu” to run around and play their games, mangoes, jack fruits n cashews, traditionally celebrated Onam with Athapoo and Onathappan and Onasadhya, Vishu Kani and Vishu Konna, the thrill to walk thru muddy, un-tarred country roads holding colourful umbrellas to catch their school bus…far from the concrete jungles in an enlightened landscape, they get to spend a joyful childhood…I have over and over asserted my luck, but these kids of the modern age, are definitely luckier to have time and space saved for them for a “gem of a childhood”…

And I'm going back to that haven for a 3 day kutty trip towards the end of the week...:)"Raring to go" is my emotion summed in a few words...


Srijith Unni 9:42 am  

Nice One!, Reshmi..
Childhood seriously needs such a beautiful village in order to inspire the mind. You are lucky and so are those "li`l devils"

Wish you a happy journey!

With Best Regards,

monu 6:29 pm  

:) Enjoy the stay at u r hometomn lucky gal :)

Reshmi 9:38 am  

@srijith: A colourful childhood is a God-give gift..:)..thnx for the wish n the comment..

@monu: :)..thnx..

starry nights 10:07 am  

Have a good vacation. nice childhood memories.

Reshmi 2:40 pm  

@starry: thanx dear..:)

Dew Drops 3:32 pm  

", there is an army back home from 8 months to 10th standar"

same here, dear.. i keep shuttling my attention frm one to the other any time i go to my granny's place.

naan 6:50 pm  

Have a nice time...

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) 2:30 pm  


Johnny 11:41 pm  

Reminiscence of past, penned with such beauty is a rarity. Waiting for your next post....

Reshmi 11:14 am  

@dewdy: :)..so u have experienced the fun first hand..

@naan: thanx..

@cyberrowdy, @ johny: welcome to my blog world and thnx for the visit n comment..:)

pophabhi 4:32 pm  

Its rare to see children enjoying that country freshness. Lucky kids.
Kerala is still awesome. Waiting to be back there!

Johnny 5:52 pm  
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