Do you know coincidences can shock you in life…:)…have been thru many in life…but only after I started having a blog space of my own I felt a need to record my thoughts…be it whatever…whether I end up posting it on www remains a choice “subject to conditions”…

I and Rathna came over to Bangalore in late November last year and in a week to 10 days, we were happily settled in our abode in NGV…projects separated us, and also our togetherness in office and in the company bus…I started finding the journeys to be big maritime odysseys in every sense…no friends even to talk to, except one training friend, letz call her “Softie”…the days I managed to catch my seat close to Softie time pass was easy…but catching seat near her was the problem…

N then one day, I don’t know how it happened, I just went and sat with a quite looking girl, the gud old homely kinds…we start our chat, n realize that we r both “Mallus”…so we Mallu sisters discuss our families as the first step…n viola…!!our native places are close by…:)…so “Ammu Kutty” becomes my best chum in bus…I talk n talk, n she listens…I tell my worries, some jokes, office stories, one time wet my hanky with tears in front of her, n she addresses me “kutty”(a Malayalam word that can be used for gals n guys n that means chweet one…!) in her own typical way, n always makes me think that hers is the most radiant smile that I have ever come across in life…

So the stage is set between us for the talk that “girls of our age” make “the topic of their age”…we finally start talking about marriage alliances…An interesting topic I must say, coz the diversity and wide range is amazing…N how every girl of that age can easily get adjusted to the topic, n find a point to present too…

Days pass by…we sit with each other once in a while when we don’t have our other friends in the bus…n on a fateful such day, after long days of absence from the bus, Ammu Kutty tells me that she her marriage is fixed…an old Satyam love story tumbles out…trials, tests and finally triumph…:)…N I spot the 2nd coincidence, “the guy is from Thripunithura”…the place where I’m settled and a place about which I have talked to her in my usual fervor and passion…hmm…some thoughts echoed by both of us – “I would have seen the guy somewhere in Thripunithura”…N I get to talk with the payyanz…n reach a familiarity over a local astrologer whom both of us know…:)

The newly-engaged n to-be-wedding-in-December couple takes over the mission of suggesting some prospective payyanmar (guyz on the lookout for matches) for me…U know, they had a bunch of resources, as friends and acquaintances, to pick up from…even though success eludes them, concerns make me happy n Ammu Kutty never gets tired of her concern and questions…makes me feel great, n looked after…:)

So days pass, n as usual, I have some news to telecast at the radio station of our bus chat…I make hushed hushed announcements of a match which shows some prospect of finalizing…:)…excited Ammu Kutty, try to curb the rising pitch in her voice…n asks me the general questions…gets a level further…n for the benefit of my readers, I translate as here-written…:)

Ammu Kutty: “Where did the guy study?”
Me: “CET”…
Ammu Kutty: “Ohh...even my sister studied in CET:)…Which batch?”
Me: “2001”…
Ammu Kutty’ eyes become round and an unbelievable kind of expression in her eyes….
Ammu Kutty: “Which branch?”
Me: “Applied Electronics and Instrumentation”…
Still rounder, a dazed moment, n a smile slowly trickles from the end of her lips..
Ammu Kutty (excited): “Heyy…my sister also…must be my sister’s classmate…:)”
Me (expressionless): …

Well well…she vouches to gather some knowledge about the guy for my sake…N we spend a moment thinking about the similarities that somehow echo in our lives and the small small links we discover time n again…

I actually dunno if the coincidences seem really the ones that can make your mouth open with awe…the biggest play was of our minds probably which forever gave us the feeling that we are in it for the longer time…n that we were the people destined to meet and become friends…

@Ammu Kutty: This post is for "OUR friendship" and in memory of the "MOMENTs we shared together"...! And wishing you all the best in all your future endeavours..:)...Letz stay in touch..!!


White Buffalo Woman Goes Singing 5:54 pm  

There are no accidents.

It is no accident your blog reminds me of one of my best friends. I miss him.

It is no accident I came to offer you information to assist your future, and those you love.

I look forward to your input. See especially, "In a nutshell."

pophabhi 11:44 am  

has been out of the blog world for a while to visit the queen of arabian sea. :).
Very nice post. Well its not co-incidences, i guess - its just how we are able to relate with people. We would be able to do that with many, esp when we are in the same so-called 'wavelength'.
And congrats for the good news!! 2001 CET - I mite know!

Anoop MohanKumar 4:10 pm  

Congrats Reshmi.
All wishes for you and your CET Engineer!

Can I add to the string of coincidences?
"Ammu kutty" happens to be my sisters name.
Far shot but, the first thought that came to me after reading this.

Reshmi 5:13 pm  

@popabhi: like u said prob itz not exactly coincidences, but jus ppl of the same "wavelength"..but anyway its a great feeling..!!
n thanx a lot;-)

@anoop: thanx..;-)
"ammu kutty" was jus a natural choice for a mallu name..:)..pleasant surprise tht itz ur sister's name..

Anonymous 7:25 am  

kandu pidichu..softie!!didnt u get any other name for me,resh?? :)

Reshmi 9:50 am  

@softie: u have a beautiful name which i somehow didn't feel like using in the blog..
jus a psuedo-addressing for the post..:)

ENJOY dear..!!

naan 8:45 am  

Cool template resh! but kinda feel unbloggy.. coz
1. You'll find most blogs will have the links on the right side of the page and this one has to the left.. websites have links to the left !!
2. The idea of a transparent HTML frame with a static 1024X768 pic in the background is cool.. but doesn't open up so well on some browsers.. It looks fine in IE and FF though..
3. The background pic... you could have gone for one of the pics you've taken rather than opting for what came with the template..


about the post i needn't say anything, crisp as ever ...

kd 12:19 pm  

hey.. u havent sent me pics of ur CET boy. ;) and I hope u continue blogging after u ie the knot as well?

Reshmi 2:03 pm  

@naan: suggestions well taken..:)
have to work a bit more on that template and personalize it..

@kd: pics - u should hav got by now..:)
defnitely will be blogging for a long time to come..

Shyam 2:42 pm  

Congrats Reshmi. I got to hear the news from Ramya. Wish u a great life ahead.

Reshmi 5:47 pm  

@shyam: thanx a lot..for all those wonderful comments that i got 2 hear thru Ramya..:)

DD 10:44 am  

Stumbled on this blog from silverine's...this post reminds me of many mallu acquaintances :)
Congrats on the engagement! Paiyyan Infy-il aano? There might be some more "coincidences" here :)

Reshmi 5:30 pm  

@dd: paiyyan Infy-il alla..:)..I don't know how tht can add up 2 coincidences..:)

thnx for the visit n comment..

Srijith Unni 10:58 am  

Hi Reshmi,

Coincidences do certainly awe us.
Best Regards, to both you and ammu kutty.

With Regards,

monu 6:36 pm  

Definition of "coincidence"

"Coincidence is a small miracle where god chose to remain anonymous" :)

Reshmi 9:46 am  

@srijith: thnx..:)

@monu: heyy..i should that is such a sweet definition..n so true too..and welcome to my blog world..:)

Anonymous 11:01 am