Missed the 6 pm shuttle from SDC (Satyam Development Center) on Thursday... Since I had hurriedly told goodbyes to friends and rushed out to catch the bus, I felt a bit embarrassed returning back in the same speed:-)…So took a small stroll around the campus…After the evening rains, the weather was cloudy, with a slight cool breeze…Sat on one of the wooden benches in the campus and felt a soothing sense of calm descending on my mind…Jus walked around the campus taking some snaps before I went back to my cabin…And I captured this beautiful blossom…


Heart of Gold !! 3:21 pm  

awesome snap reshmi

i do miss my digi cam !!
All i have is a SLR ..then again buying films, processing and all that can be a lil too costly!!

waiting for a new cam!!


Reshmi 4:10 pm  

@john: Thanx..:)
Waiting to see some snaps on ur site after u get ur new cam...!