Corporate Culture...?

The drama has gone for quite a while…N I have been on an endless wait for the final scene…Every scene I hope would be the final one, even though the climaxes differ…

When I was on-bench, I thought an internal project would be fun…seeing the past from present, I should say it was…but my thought in those days were that a client project would be a learning experience…it was and has been so far…I have worked for a great client and executed a wonderful system, that still gets applause and ovation…at this point having seen too much the business side of it, and all the tricks that managers do to save their ass, the only thing that comes to my mind is that “GOD save himself, rather than interfering in all this crap”…

Surprising how money and business overtakes our personal relations, how we take one-liner mails, phone calls and messenger chats as evidence to point to each other’s faults…even though we have compromised on small problems as a gesture of goodwill, we forget all that for the business at stake…we forget the rapport and personal relationship…we forget that money and business comes after friendship and trust…lose our cool, shout at each other, and fall flat on your belly on dollars of billing stacked in front…is this the much talked about “corporate culture”…?

PM: The client has finally decided to sign the PO(Purchase Order)…agreeing to our terms…
Me (after hearing the much heard dialogue): …?
Fellow Team Member: Great…:)
Me (still…): …?

PM: Don’t answer any mails from the client, sign out of messenger n switch off your phone…we are not giving them any support…
Me: …?

Yesterday continued…
My response doesn’t change, only the number of succeeding question marks increase and font becomes bolder…

I still wait for the climax…sad that I don’t have the remote in hand to fast-forward it to the end…I’m tired of the movie, but still curious about the ending…:(


Anoop MohanKumar 4:58 pm  

Considering the company you are with currently.
Trust me; you need the "Swith OFF" button on the remote.

I too waited a long time for a climax with my projects and Managers, just like you.
And guess what I, got engaged......
(May gods bless you too :))

Shyam 5:00 pm  

I'm really impressed with some of your blogs here. Believe me it was very refreshing after I read the blog "Blossoms". There are infact so many such small but beautiful things to cherish in life. Continue ur good work and I'm expecting many more from u.

Reshmi 9:43 am  

@anoop: u'll be too aware of how frustration gets the better of such moment behind the post..:)

@shyam: thanx a lot friend..really heartwarming comment..:)

pophabhi 2:00 pm  

I guess you are in one of those big 3 giants. Well, I am too. It was irritating when it was in a developer stage - but believe it or not, its even tougher wen you belong to the crowd of managers among whom, rarely we find a person who believes in ethics!
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Reshmi 2:57 pm  

@pophabhi: there r 4 big indian giants..rite? i'm in one of them:)

thanx a lot for the comment n the link...

Heart of Gold !! 3:23 pm  

Satyam man (it happens only in satyam)


Reshmi 4:09 pm  

@john: as itz dayz since the event happened, i can also LOL..:)
I was a pretty lousy mood tht day..:)

Srijith Unni 11:01 am  


Business is Business, I guess..