Gulmohar Ka Pedh

Captured this beautiful red inflorescence outside Friends Restaurant in BTM...It brought some old forgotten lessons of school days back to my mind...Gulmohar Ka Pedh...Itz also called May Flower (courtesy my roomie:))...

Remember reading the famous article "3 days to see" by Hellen Keller...Wonderful if we could capture beauty of nature to the canvas of our mind, if we could play over the pitter-patter of rain, whistling of wind, hum of bees, song of birds to ourselves over and over again, have a window in our mind which opens to the priceless feast of light n sound that nature arranges..:)..


naan 6:36 pm  

You have become a compulsive blogger I must admit.. Great to read you posts..


pophabhi 2:04 pm  

Its the music of nature. It leaves you desired to be sung for.

Reshmi 2:50 pm  

@naan: thanx..friendz like u r a constant inspiration..

@pophabhi: the music of nature is the sweetest n alwayz at itz natural and ethereal best:)

Heart of Gold !! 3:17 pm  

awesome post ... just as colorful as the gulmohar blossom/ may flowers ...

Actually that tree is one of my favorite photographic subjects !!

I just love the bright orange color contrast with the subtle but bright green!! It reminds me of the printed saree the Air India hostesses wear (Actually my mom also had one of those ... it was my fav pick, whenever i was asked to choose what she would wear)

Thanks for the joy the post brought


Reshmi 4:01 pm  

@john: i'm majorly into photographing trees n flowers..:)..rite now targeting a big banyan tree in SDC, Blore..hope i can get some nice views..