Always had a thousand things in mind as to what all I would say/ask and do, if I would ever meet
the Big Boss Ramalinga Raju...
Have lot of finished/unfinished drafts in my mailbox addressed to HIM...
N today from the pantry on the 1st floor was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the BIG MAN OF SATYAM accompanying some clients...A group of us had our hawk - eyes fixed on HIM...There was surprise, excitement and I should say there were some disdainful utterings too...:)

But finally the thoughts that beat me are
> A small man in the backdrop of the large empire he has built...
> If I have so much of pride about my SDC, how much will the creater-cum-funder-cum-owner feel...
> Big visions create big business...big business creates big money, big fame, big ties, bigger jobs and oppurtunities...
> In spite of so-many-bitter-thoughts-in-mind, there was an "awe" still to greet THE MAN...
> Can find thousands of things to complain about, but a moment to think about the foresight, struggle and perserverence that must have gone into building a business empire...n equally the struggle to maintain and nourish it...

SIR, I should say that "fleeting glimpse" of YOU was wonderful and thought provoking...:)

Main Snap Courtesy : A colleague...:)


pophabhi 10:22 pm  

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad. Vision - everything lies there!

Dew Drops 1:13 pm  

satyam b'lore??

Reshmi 1:25 pm  

@pophabhi: karra karrect:)

@dew drops: u r right mam..:)

REVerenD 8:56 pm  

It all starts with a dream. a vision. but for all that to culminate u r talking perseverance, 24 hour days, luck and acumen...apart from shrewdness, cunning and a wee bit of ruthlessness!!!

check out dhirajlal hirachand wont be disappointed!!!

Anonymous 2:37 pm  

Reshmi Dear,
Great to read your blogs..
:) Keep them coming

Reshmi 10:54 am  

@reverend: Thanx..for the visit n the comment..:)

@medu: hey ur comment caught me surprised..!!thanx dear..

activity 7:41 pm  

M-woman! ..
medu ?
or ?

Reshmi 10:29 am  

@activity: welcome to my blog world..:)
@M-woman is not our medu..;-)

Maddy 11:18 pm  

when this murthy came back into limelight last week i remembered this blog of yours and well- what do you say?